Recording the world, whether by camera or microphone, creates a perceptual paradox. Memories lose their sense of time. When you watch them, especially after they’ve been cut and shaped to create a story, you are viewing a vast collection of moments framed by a perspective. This process births a new chronology. And every time you encounter this new timeline, it is reborn as it intertwines with your own experience

This undertaking requires extreme care and ethical consideration. Our documentary process is led by award-winning director Zachary Zuckerman and revolves around getting to truly know each subject we work with and collaborating with them to discover the stories we believe should be shared with the world.

The first shop was opened as a pop-up concept in Dogpatch, San Francisco and provides its customers with a museum experience in a sensual oasis.

The pop-up store focuses on our most developed sense: our sense of smell. Four candles are available, whose scents were created by a Korean perfumer.